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About the Forum changes
The changes
Just an explanation about the forum
Welcome read all the introduction here before you post
Hello and Welcome. (Your First Post Goes Here)...
Hi, and welcome. Post your introductions here.
Turkish Section
All about your Hatsans
This is where you will find posts aboput your favourite hatsans
Hatsan BT65
This robust rifle needs its own section for you to post
Hatsan AT44
It is recognised this rifle and its derivatives really needs its oen section
Hatsan Galatian
Post your views and reviews here for the formidable Galatian
Hatsan Springer Air Rifles
Post here your experiences of these high quality but affordable air rifles
Hatsan Mod 55/60s
section for these wonderful, affordable break-barrel air rifles
Hatsan Striker 1000
A sub-forum for these powerful break-barrels
Hatsan Dominator
Sub Forum for this new underlever rifle
Kral Springers
Post your views and experiences of these powerful airguns
Turkish Air Guns under other Names
There are many Guns made in Turkey, by Turkish manufacturers and sold under other brand names. Post your options here.
Zoraki is another Turkish manufacturer

UK Section
For your BSA comments
For your views and comments about this "classic" PCP
This "quirky" sidelever has a devout following
Air Arms
For your views on The AirArms Brand
A section for your Webleys
German Section
Weihrauch Stuff
Post your views of Weihrauch's break barrels
Other German/Eastern European
Guns from Germany and her neighbours that aren't Weihrauchs.



Chinese Section
A place for all your info and help on these fine Co2 Air Rifles
Stoeger X20
Awesome break barrel
Talk about your experiences, good and bad about your Chinese air Guns
A section for general observations and experiences with Chinese Air Weapons
Chinese Springers
Chinese Springers
QB/XS HPA Discussion
Discussion section for safely running the QB/XS guns on HPA.

Spanish Section
post your views and experiences of these Spanish built rifles
Not so common, but well thought of.
Discussion forums
Jokes section
Go on give us your best jokes
Bygone times
for you to discuss the "old days"
Vintage Airguns
For those with an interest in older airguns.
NEW - The Springer Lounge...
No Pneumatic or CO2 Guns Allowed. This is the place for the Old School to discuss all aspects of spring-powered airguns...
Strip-Down Guides
Stripdown Guides
Post your stripdown Guides here. Try to make them clear narratively and use pictures for clarity
Review Section
Following a request I have created this section for you to post your reviews of your favourite Airguns
Picture Gallery
Posting Pictures
Post your pictures. Use the tutorial
post your Airgun Pictures here
If you have stuff on YouTube thats relevent then post it here.
Days Out
If you have had a day out and want to share, heres where you post
Links to products and sevices
Post any links you have to products and sevices you use, and any websites/forums that will help.
Modifications and Accessories
If you have done a modificatuion to your Turkish Air Riflr then post it here, please include pictures
Idea's and Stuff
If you have any really good idea's. Plus any hand made stuff, or just random, off the top of your head, thoughts. here we are.
A list of members with chronographs willing to test other members' guns...
All the other stuff
What are your interests
So outside of shooting, what else "floats your boat"
Optic Reviews
We all use a telescopic sight, so why not review it here
Yummy Things - Recipe Section
If it tastes nice, tell us how to cook it. Game and non-game recipes accepted.
Clubs and Compettitions
Post links to your local clubs here
This is where you can post any news about upcoming events other forum members might be interested in.
Hunting Stuff
Here is your section, if your into Hunting
Hunting Accessories
A section for discussion and reviews on hunting gear like clothes, lighting and the like.
Classified Section
Air Guns For Sale
Sell or buy your Air Guns here
Ask here, to see if someone has what you are looking for.
Post your sales experiences, good and bad here. It would be nice to check sellers and buyes experiences.
In Memorium
In Memorium
Sadly, things happen that none of us like or appreciate. The passing of friends is a sad time, and I thought we should have a section to remember.
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